Disable Metro/Modern UI in Windows 8

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This video will help you disable the Modern UI in Windows 8 Release Version.
Download Link:
(Don”t worry if your antivirus says it’s malicious, it’s fine)
If you do not have a Windows 7 install DVD, just download this file before you start the process:
32-bit systems:
64-bit systems:

Just open the file…


  1. my problem:
    1.no win7 DVD-i download the link you provided
    2.I extra the win7 DVD file
    3.I open Ex7forWin8.
    4.Auto find file-here the win7 DVD file cannot be detected
    5.Find specific place-still cannot found
    6.I open the setup(installer for win7)- cannot be install or need to replace the win8.
    7.Help.. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the information, David. I'm considering switching to windows 8, I'm wanting to try something different. I LOVE windows 7, just a bit bored of it. I hear Windows 8 is faster. I actually may just boot it on Oracle first before I switch.

  3. I now have a black screen after logging in. Doesn't go away. When I ctrl alt delete I see the menu and tried choosing task manager but nothing appears. Just back to the black screen. Any advice please?

  4. I also highly recommend that after you install this to run windows update ( i had about 45 updates after installing) install all the updates then reboot your computer then you will be surprised how much your windows 8 looks and operates like windows 7.

    this the best converter I have tried yet 🙂

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