Disable Secure Boot to downgrade Windows 8 to Windows 7

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This video shows how to disable Secure Boot to allow booting from legacy devices such as USB or CD/DVD to install an Operating System other than Windows 8. This video also shows you how to search for device drivers when the OEM manufacturer does not support the desired operating system.

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  1. i do all this steps .but when i tap f9 . the legacy boot no show up . just the uefi boot show up
    fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. what i do i need a help .i have hp pro 3505 series help help help

  2. Just before everyone starts bashing the UEFI and Secure boot standard I would like to point out I can hack into any none UEFI Secure boot setup with one start up disk and 5 minutes, you may not like Windows 8 but there is no going back, there is a reason that the menus are red and scary, if you use internet banking or access any other confidential information and your laptop falls into the wrong hands do not believe that a simple windows password will save you data with Secure boot disabled

  3. hi sir i would like to know if there is a way i can use again my laptap samsung np500p4c-s05ae pre installed windows 8, i accidentaly clean formated it NO MORE OS INSTALLED, i cannot access bios anymore, even function keys not working, even media devices not working usb, dvd. the only screen is popping out is the app menu.  i have screen shot of it but i can post it here for reference..thanks hope you can help me captain gigabyte.

  4. just thought i would let every one know if you are having problems  with windows 10 loading  keyboard freeze etc just install it from different pc.  and take out hard drive then put it in another pc then it will work

  5. I had tried to load Windows 8.1 on my Dell Studio 1737 laptop changed my mind and loaded Windows 7. Now when I boot into Windows it always gives a Recovery error from Windows 8 and I have to press 9 to boot into Windows 7 any way I can get that message screen to go away?

  6. I download win 7 software from the internet.. and I'd like to move the file to my USB driver which has 16 GB size.. but, when I want to copy it to the USB, it says the file is too large, please help

  7. This is not a complete tutorial, you forget to cover how some OEM computers and laptops require you to install a driver from a CD/DVD or USB, which is prompted after you select install screen. 

    This is where I am stuck, because even if I find the driver it asks for and open either a separate hard drive or USB or DVD to search for it, it will not show, preventing me from continuing the install further on that machine.

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