Disable Windows 10 Update Completely & Safely

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In this video, I am going to show you how to disable Windows 10 Automatic Update permanently! We all love Windows 10 but the only major problem for limited bandwidth users are cruel Windows Update with no option to control them. They drain our data in a matter of time. Sometimes we cannot even load any webpage because of them. And it is very hard to completely disable them, and disabling them may cause side effects like unable to install Windows Store apps.

But thankfully Windows 10 do not…


  1. I don't wanna pause I just don't want any updates I'm so fucking sick of Microsoft forcing me to update I have turned the auto update off 3 different ways so far and it still tries to auto update every month it's almost impossible to turn updates off other than never connecting to the Internet it's bullshit fuck Microsoft I'm thinking about switching operating systems at least Mac doesn't force you to update

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