Distrohopped on the Laptop. Installed Solus!

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Just a quick video recorded on my laptop, a very cheap Toshiba Satellite that I paid around $350 for 3-4 years ago. It has an AMD A8 processor and was previously running Ubuntu 16.04. Today I installed Solus Budgie on it.



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  1. You stated once that you were not interested in Linux channels that just play music and have no person explaining the program.

    I would agree, however, the one below simply rocks and you might want to crank up the headphones. It also has some interesting info on installing a pre-release version Fedora 28 ( which is probably not coming out for at least 3 more weeks )


    The question is, is that an official pre-release ? It sure looks like it to me.

  2. Is Solus not supposed to be installed on Virtualbox? I'm asking this because I typed on terminal the same as you, sudo eopkg up and then, upgraded everything and reboot. It doesn't reboot properly, take a look: imgur . com / a / AdQBf (remove the space)

  3. Would you do a video showing how to hook up multiple monitors? Do you hook them together or do you use multiple video cards? Also, if you are a debian guy, you might like Sparky linux. They have versions based on stable and testing.

  4. I really enjoyed Solus and Budgie desktop when I tested it, but I've found out a bunch of issues that doesn't allow me to use Solus as my main distro. Here are the issues:

    1. It doesn't have many packages available once it's compared to Debian, Ubuntu and Arch Linux. Their "App Store" is smaller in number of packages, especially proprietary packages.
    2. It uses a totally different package manager. So, if you're used to the terminal, you would need to learn everything again.
    3. It's a rolling release distro like Arch Linux. It's not a good thing to use a rolling release distro if you want some stability.
    4. Their mirrors are to slow. Unfornately, I'm living in South America and all their mirrors seems to be located on Europe. I have the same issue once I tested Deepin, but Deepin, at least had the possibility to choose a different mirror which was closer to you.
    5. I also had issues with pictures and videos thumbnails that doesn't show up. E.g. the .flv, .bmp and .jpe format was a pain in the ass. I don't know if currently the problem was fixed. It was the same issue on Manjaro Budgie (not sure if it was a Budgie desktop issue or not).

  5. Why didn't you try the manjaro on the laptop? I have seen your videos about your experience with it on you production computer and the issues you deal with are really disturbing. But on my main computer computer(A10 5800k, r7 260x) I have been running manjaro KDE since 2016 fluently with no problems at all (tearing etc.). I think that the problem is hardware related( I mean drivers ). Manjaro might work great on your laptop.

  6. Hi D.T., You are setting off like Pilgrim in Bunyan's Pilgrims progress on a journey to GNU/Linux laptop based salvation. You will soon be swimming in the Solus slough of despond but you will surely find FOSS salvation in MX Linux, enjoy the journey! 😉
    If the b****y thing screwed up on install? I for one, and probably many others, would have "binned" it and moved on!

  7. Distrotube should be commended. Where many linux youtube channels will give a sweeping overview of a distro, Derek will take time to educate as well as entertain. That is, he will show some command lines, explain concepts that new, or even some seasoned linux users may not know.
    I get sick of someone who will show a new distro version, but will sweep over it only showing a DE environment we have seen before and not adding anything new, educational or enlightening.
    Distrotube manages to get a good balance of opinion, education and entertainment.
    Keep up the good work Derek!

  8. I hated Solus for a few reasons: you cant add favourites to the start menu, you cant even right click items in the start menu… you cant even right click the taskbar stuff, you cant drag and drop files into other open windows and for some reason the community treats its creator ikey like a god that can do nothing wrong…. the open / save / cancel buttons are at the opposite side of the screen to where they should be (and when raised a bug they said its not their problem, its gnome or gtk or whatever….) they treat it as "made from the ground up" but its actually a bunch of other shit hacked together…. it looks nice, just not for me

  9. I never use the terminal in Solus, it is pretty much completely optional. So I know none of the eopkg commands. To each his own, but I still wonder why you use it. They have a great software manager.

  10. [ Smiles ] I truly hope that Solus work out for you on your laptop.

    I would like to suggest Debian Testing for your desktop computer.

    Do keep those great Linux-related videos comming!

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