Does $1000 Windows Perform Better??

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Are you getting the most performance from your OS if you opt for the basic version of Windows 10?

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  1. Kek, isn't obvious that windows in a server is a shit? Linux is much better for servers, low usage of resources, remote control via any ssh terminal, all programs you need up-to-date, and you don't have an spyware installed by default as a bonus. 🙂
    Be free.
    Use linux.

  2. So what do you get if you spend 1200 bugs for a Windows. First of all you are allowed to install one time direct on the hardware and then activate hyperV and install there 2 virtual systems. So as you only use the virtual once productive you get 2 systems for this price. Most used for one adc and file server and a seperated application server. In datacenter version you can btw install unlimited virtual systems but it coast you 15 000 ;). The next thing is the 5 cals. This mean you are allowed to connect some windows 10 pro to the server but only 5 people are allowed to use the services. If you need more you simple have to buy more user calls what is basicly a pice of paper where is written on that you are allowed to have more users. The system is technical not limited. Next is the software to provide network services. Like active directory for login and right managment, printe services, file services, dns, dhcp, webserver and many more. Last and for me the most important point you get for your money… And this one I have never read in any linux free vs windows server discussion. You get 7/24 free technical support for your server over the full support period. They say only for business critical events… But a server fault is always critical… I had to use this support 4 times in the last 6 years and hell was I lucky this exists. One time a supporter spend with me 5 houres to get lal running again and this guys are really tech genius. 🙂 on the other hand i once had a problem with our linux webserver and as I finaly found a company giving us support it coasted 3500 bugs in the end and me 4 days of pain. Excuse the bad english. Stupid german fingers on a smartphone 😉

  3. I run server 2016 on dual xeon's. As my gaming pc. I'd like to see the same test on Xeon's. I don't feel like reloading again to prove it but I had higher numbers on server 2016 than windows 10. Guessing it's the Xeon cpus. But I'd like to hear other people's comments on it.

  4. The key difference is that that Windows 10 Home does not allow you to join a connect to a domain. Networking is limited to basic home group sharing. Windows 10 Professional can join a domain and can allow sharing of assets to a maximum of 10 other users. Windows Server allows (within licensing) connecting unlimited number of other users. It could host a web server, database server, file server, etc. for 50, 100, or a million users.

  5. Ever since server 2008, the windows desktop didn't exist, it was PowerShell. Where is the desktop from? Well remember windows 1.0? Basically what that did was run DOS commands with a GUI. Just like this, Server's desktop is just is completely optional due to performance and security. The GUI and the OS itself is entirely separate, unlike consumer versions.

  6. Hey Linus ..i am looking to update my Dell optilex 790 with a i5 4200 processor,3.1ghz 500gb drive and 10gb or Ram .my question is am looking for a video card on cheap that will play ARK and other high end games thanks ..

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