Does Linux have better driver support for a Macbook Air than OSX?

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  1. Y tho, apple. Y. SPI is a far simpler protocol than USB. It would seem logical if this situation was reversed. By that I mean it makes more sense to have a low level driver in the EFI and a high level driver in the operating system. But I guess when you are apple you make things hard for the fun of it.

  2. There might be a reason for this. The BIOS does have USB support built in from ages ago but might require extra development effort to add that keyboard's SPI interface. On contrast, the main OS has a lot of drivers and since the keyboard supports SPI that means it can have a dedicated BUS with interrupt driven events to catch your key presses instead of having to rely on the USB stack. The Linux driver maintainer for that board went the same way as the BIOS by just using the USB bus which indeed works but might not have the same performance/latency.

  3. For anyone who wants to get the drivers working. Install Linux or use a live cd, use lsinput -v command, find the matching value for bInterfaceClass, bInterfaceProtocol and bInterfaceSubClass of the keyboard and pointer device (should be under the same tree), then go to Mac OS, and follow step 4a in this guide match the corresponding value of those 3 value that I just mentioned to the second"Generic Keyboard" entry. Then reboot

  4. that's hilarious why Apple, Why??? You didn't mentioned which one was the faulty TPAD_SPI signal,
    I had a look at the schematics and the Board View, that's why I wonder if it is possible to repair the lines???
    Maybe I'm totally wrong, but my Idea was to use the resistors R1664, R1665, R1666 and R1667 which are CS, CLK, MISO and MOSI.
    They are right under the CPU on the other side of the Board and connected with the CPU pads…

  5. Same thing with the audio jack/optical problem where the button responsible for switching audio between speakers and headphones gets bad and stays in optical mode upon unplugging, YOU CAN'T JUST TURN OFF THE OPTICAL SENSOR IN OSX but you can in bootcamp windows. Ridiculous, i have to carry a toothpick for fixing sound on the go by fucking around with the jack hole. P.S. there was no asshole of a cat on the mousepad, just the cat itself. (

  6. It's a power saving trick.

    The trackpad can run in SPI or USB mode. USB mode is for Windows, Linux, EFI shell etc. SPI mode is for macOS.

    macOS probably blacklists the USB trackpad because it expects to be able to use it in SPI mode. Running in SPI mode is lower power.

  7. Hi, for a macbook air or any other laptop this sounds like a nonsense, but for an imac or other desktop mac it makes sense to keep the keyboard and mouse as a usb device because usb devices are I/O devices and they work via interuptions or events, so this is how you wake from sleep your imac. I guess this is the reason they did it like that.

  8. New Feature on all current gen apple products: Self destruct built into software:
    upon first power on a counter starts and when that counter reaches 6 months, or 666 hours of use the machine will be rendered permanently unusable as a relay will open in the charger shunting 120v AC through the DC-in board. The track pad will double as a spark gap. Apple will offer a repair program that costs exactly the same as a current gen model new in-box, which will be two or more generations ahead of that which self destructed since Apple will have come out with at least two generations of nearly identical product since.
    People will still buy this crap because they are either ignorant or don't care.

  9. Do you fix phones too? I went into a apple store the other day with my other half, her iphone wont hold charge. They did the usual diagnostics with the ipad and told us the battery looks like it needs replacing. He then asked how long she had the phone, she said just over a year. He then progressed to say the batteries tend to only do 3 – 400 cycles. I was like you whaaaaat mate? So iphones that need charging almost twice a day is two cycles a day? And even if you make the battery last the day that's a cycle a day. 256 days in a year so 256 cycles a year at best and my girlfriend only had it just over a year yeaaa shit the maths add up. So iphones are designed to only last just over a year before needing to upgrade. She had done just over 400 cycles too according to the diagnostics. Fuck apple lol. She still upgraded to iphone 7 despite what happened and me advising against it and that she got another 3 – 400 cycles phone. Fuck people's ignorance! 🙁

  10. Actually i had a similar experience but on windows won't operating correctly the keyboard and mouse, but in linux it's all fine, but slow as hell and i got input lag, but as i have read , this is an artifact from the bygon era that is still present in every *unix distro on the kernel level.

  11. Regarding this, i had a similar issue on a 2015 MacBook pro. Linux worked for a while longer, giving SPI-errors but still working, but it ended up dying at last. Corrosion i suppose. Maybe i'l fix it when i can afford getting a new motherboard for it.

    Definately liquid damage, someone spilled a cider on it.

  12. Louis, something to be considered is that this is the result of Apple's policy enforcement of I/O, something I came across while hackintoshing. The OSX kernel really does not like non native XHCI controllers. Particularly stupid, since we've had SMC emulators for years now. You mentioned you already performed a hackintosh, so this will probably be a cakewalk for you.
    Try this, it might help, although you might need to perform some DSDT edits:

  13. To access brightness stuff on linux:

    cd /sys/class/backlight/
    in there, depending on your gpu, you'll find another folder, cd to it.
    Inside there are several files, cat brightness shows you the current brightness of the screen
    sudo echo 30 > brightness will change the brightness. (30 is just a value, you put whatever you want, according to the brightness level you want and the file accepts)

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