Does Mame Work On Windows 10 ? Gaming on Windows 10, Emulator, Emulation, review,

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  1. I got a new desktop with Windows 10 and after re-downloading most of my emulators when I got tired of playing new games, it came time to setup MAME. Downloaded the newest version, nothing worked. Then I remembered I had several versions of MAME on my external hard drive, from days gone by. Most of them didn't work either. Researched a lot online and stumbled upon this video. Was able to recognize the version by looking at your footage, had it, and boom, worked right away. Works right off the hard drive, had to do nothing but double click ands start playing. So it seems like older versions work better on Windows 10 for some reason. Thank you for this video, would have not known without it. I'm using Mame32 0.103u2.

  2. Works perfectly?? I have spent weeks trying to sort thru all the bugs with mame and win10! Right now mame often flips the display upside down and gets stuck in the very lowest resolution and needs a new way to boot into safe mode to reach the settings icon. Take my advise, keep mame with win7 and older!

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