Does The New Windows 10 “Game Mode” Improve Gaming Performance?

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With the recent release of the latest Windows Insider Preview build, I thought we’d take a look at perhaps the most promising new feature, “Game Mode”. Designed to maximize performance, does it actually make a difference and is something like this an ideal solution for us budget gamers trying to squeeze the best performance out of our PC’s?

Bear in mind that this release and feature is in it’s early stages and things may differ when the update is made publicly available.
We tested Fallout…


  1. it has no downside so there's no reason to say no to even 2-3 framerates, i mean every single one helps a bit so might as well take it if its as easy as pressing a button?

  2. I think it is system dependent. I don't have a high end laptop, but not budget either. With a core i5, 16GB of DDR4, a GTX960M with 4GB or VRAM and most important, an SSD, the game mode doesn't do anything. In fact it might be worse on game mode, so I don't use it now. Maybe MS made this for lower spec computers to enable them to run better on the hardware they have….for more processor intensive games…..again, I think the system you use will affect whether or not the mode does a thing.

  3. In order to get benefits from game mode you have to play the game in windowed mode, have the game bar running and allow the bar to recognize the application as a game via the checkbox otherwise no difference for non Microsoft games.

  4. This destroyed my game's FPS, if you have a high end GPU, don't use this, it dropped my GTA V, Black Ops 3, and Battlegrounds from over 60 FPS to around 40-50 FPS, definitely outside of the margin of error.

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