Does Windows 10 need antivirus?

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Windows 10 Security Test: Does Windows 10 need an antivirus? or is the default protection good enough for you?

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  1. I came here to get advice on the best anti virus software and what I got was you giving vague answers and you say you cant mention names.
    Then whats the sense of this video? all you did was give vague ramblings, but you did not directly say to the people whats the deal.
    Your channel is targeted to teach others about security and its risk and how to protect yourself from it the best way people can.
    but when they come here to your channel and watch your video above, all they get is vague answers and you hiding names of software's that are horrible like you mentioned in the video.,
    In order for companies to get their acts together, they need to know that people WILL call them out on their shortcomings.
    By you not saying which software is bad to use, you are just putting more gas into the flame and allowing companies to keep taking people for a sucker and robbing them
    out of their hard earned money when they decide to actually put down money to buy the full version of their software, only to receive false sense of security of malwares and viruses,
    Because you didn't call them out on their shitty software they are selling to people. — Sorry, I dont mean to be mean towards you. im just a bit annoyed by this type of videos.
    Please step up your game and call these companies out on their bullshit software if they have bullshit software by your experience as a professional. – Step up dude, please……

  2. >Google default search engine searches in a language that doesn't have English letters
    >It's impossible to change it, administrator mode failed
    >Extremely clearly has a virus
    >Windows defender : No threats detected.

    Yes this actually happened

  3. Go Kaspersky, it's the only avg that the usa asked to see the code for. It's also the best one on the market free of globalist back doors for nwo to spy on you. You must support globlalism afterall. They aren't spying on terrorists because our governments prefer to groom them and bring them into our countries.

  4. AVAST SUCKS, not only for their attempts to screw me over, by taking money out of my bank acct. without my permission, but also for their greed, their scumbaginess, and unethicalness.  They have the balls to try and charge me $80 bucks to dump their stupid asses.  boycott avast at all cost!  Plus, I also got malware while using AVAST.

  5. hi nice to watch your post.
    i am using w 10. recently i found a virus in my pc.
    file: C:WindowsTempSppExtComObjHook.dll
    each time i delete the file, after restart the virus comes again.
    let me suggest what is the best policy.

  6. Hackers should be imprisoned. They should get the same sentence as somebody who brakes into your home or commits a robbery. Often that's what hackers do. They should be treated the same way, and be put in dangerous prisons so they learn never to touch another PC.

  7. WIth, or without security software I have had some mysterious infection where visiting bit websites like ebay or amazon, I get redirected to a malware/spam/scam website. I could not fix it without reinstalling windows 10 from scratch.

  8. my question is will something like AVAST anti-virus free version work along side with windows defender without taking a hit on performance or having any negative effect? i love avast used it on windows xp and windows 7 for a lot of years but now i have windows 10 should i still use avast or am i cool with just windows defender?

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