Does Windows Defender Offer Enough Protection in Windows 10

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Does Windows Defender Offer Enough Protection in Windows 10

Here we have a Ransomware test with Windows 10 Anniversary Edition and Windows Defender, I think you guys will be shocked by the results in this video. I have use all the latest ransomware you can get infected from on the internet. Cryptowall, CryptoLocker, TeslaCrypt, Torrent Locker, Petya, CBT Locker and many more. I will be doing a malware test with these samples to see if windows defender can block these ransomware…


  1. Why on earth in the name of Sanity have you overlayed your narration with background musical ,bass & combo sounds,
    I am very interested in this subject at this time, & you destroyed it ! ,I only caught one word here & there…& without clarity it became & just is nonsense..Why do so many posters do think that loud distraction & confusion is a plus+ ???? Am I missing some thing ?? Yes – I can't hear what you are saying !!

  2. Hi there Britec, loved this Video. Could you (if possible) re do this test by activating them from an email. I am sure that Defender doesnt scan email attachments but it would be interesting to see how it reacts when opened from an attachment,

  3. issue i have with windows defender is it slows your cpu down when gaming. I'm a gamer and i like to play a lot of demanding AAA titles such as gta 5 witcher 3 doom and stuff like that and i notice a pretty big framerate gap with WD turned on and WD turned off. In gta 5 theres like a 15-20 frame difference with windows defender turned off (at high-ultra settings) on my pc. So if you're a gamer i'd suggest you turn windows defender off if you care about your performance. Plus you wouldn't really need it if you just have common sense and not do fishy things on fishy web sites around the internet. But i would still suggest you turn it on if youre not that careful when not gaming

  4. I run Windows Defender (continuously updated) + Malwarebytes Premium Fortunately I bought this several years ago and the license never expires with no yearly renewal. It has blocked thousands of real time threats. I'm a writer and do a lot of research and visit a lot of sites. I am using Windows 10 Pro 1079. I have never been infected. Note: If anyone is visiting free movie sites and you are not protected with a good resident malware program, you will be inundated with malware and adware.

  5. If these arrived one at a time (like in real life) then it's likely defender would've caught them on the spot, but if a person unzips dozens of viruses at the same time to the point defender can't keep up, odds are they had it coming.

  6. Goddamn it, you are so full of shit! I tried Windows Defender, but it didn't protect me against viruses from my promiscuous Down's syndrome girlfriend. Now, I have contracted sexually transmitted viruses from her, and my dick is on fire and about to fall off! What the fuck is wrong with you by telling us W-Defender is good! BASTARD!

  7. Makes sense that Microsoft would improve their built in anti virus software. They designed Windows and know the source code inside and out. The problem was that they didn't have a truly dedicated suite of tools for user to make up a coherent anti virus software. Windows Defender Antivirus works great. I installed Malwarebytes as backup for extra backup. That's it.

  8. fuck sake Microsoft… let's fix the REAL issue here, hm? you literally make operating systems. Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and now Windows 10. you SHOULD of made the defult fucking "Windows Defender" better then say… AVG, Avast, or other programs for the price we have to pay just to buy Windows 10.

    and by this i mean, at least speed up the file deletion process when it detects Mileware. it should NOT take like 5 minutes to delete it.

    thankfully though, from this video. it seemed to instantly block you from trying to load those programs, so that's a plus

  9. The problem with Defender isn't that it has poor detection rates, because that is clearly not the case. The problem with defender is if you encounter something that it isn't familiar with. Most AV solutions trigger defenses on certain behaviors, even if the actual threat is unknown. Defender doesn't really offer this. You are only protected against what it knows about.

  10. Kaspersky TOTAL SECURITY is all you need.not internet security or other versions. KTS provides protection against ads and auto opening of sites its really worth the money

  11. Best AV are you! So don't just click. Think before you try 2 install something! Comodo đŸ”„wall + windows defender + malwarebytes is more than enough for every windows user!

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