Dolphin Emulator on Ubuntu Linux 10.10

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This video demonstrates how to install and configure dolphin emulator on ubuntu Linux 10.10 or 10.04. Use these commands below to add the repository, update, and install.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:glennric/dolphin-emu

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install dolphin-emu


PCSX2 Tutorial

PCSX Tutorial


  1. Intel Dual Core 2.1 GHz
    Nvidia GT 220 1GB
    6GB DDR3

    I would recommend you upgrade your graphic card if you can. Below is the recommended specs to run dolphin.

    1. Windows XP or higher, or Linux, or OS X (Intel only).
    2. Fast modern CPU with SSE2. Multiple cores for a speed boost. Any reasonable modern GPU with Pixel Shader 2.0 or greater. nVidia or ATI are good. Older integrated Intel chips may not work, newer ones should work fine.

  2. What specs do you have, if you don't mind saying? 🙂 I'm wondering if I could run it on my hp compaq, intel pentium 4 hyperthreading at 3ghz. 2 gig of ram. And built in intel graphics.

  3. Are setting up a wiimote or gamecube controller for your mouse? If you are setting up a wiimote navigate to the top menu and select "Options" then Click on "wiimote settings". Then select "Emulated wiimote" from the drop-down menu and click on "Configure" In the device section make sure you mouse is selected its usuallly appears as "Xlib/0/KeyboardMouse" then configure the button as you like.

  4. I ran into a snag at first because i have my internet download things and put them in a download bin, but as soon as i moved it into the public folder everything worked.
    Thank you.

  5. @TheBrandonWeidner For some reason or another you dont have 3D acceleration. install the mesa-utils package. Then type in the command below.


    If you see the gears in the terninal turning then you have 3D acceleration but if not the driver you are using did not install the correctly. You may want to go to the NVidia website, download and install the drivers. Hope that helps

  6. @TheBrandonWeidner When you open dolphin click on the graphics tab. Where it says "backend" make sure you are using Opengl. Another thing make sure you have the nvidia-toolkit package installed. Let me know your progress.

  7. @TheBrandonWeidner That means you don't have the driver for your video card installed. What type of card do you have?

    use this command to find out

    lspci | grep VGA

    if you have ATI or Nvidia card check for additional drivers under Applications>>>System>>>Additional drivers

    Then install the recommended drivers

  8. I have installed this but when I try to play any game it says "Failed to initialize video backend!" it works on my Windows account but my other programs are taking up to much of my CPU and I want to run it on Ubuntu can you guys help me

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