DoS Attack Windows 10 With Old 2010 Vulnerability

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Causing a Denial of Service attack against Windows 10 with an old IPv6 Router Advertisement Attack (CVE 2010-4669). The same attack I demonstrated against Windows 8 back in 2012.

Kali Linux attack command:
# atk6-flood_router26 eth0

CVE Page:
2012 Video:


  1. I enjoy your posts enormously, but apart from one response which shows someone adjusting their Windows 10 machine, showing how to cause a denial of service at any point in a week when N Korea has done untold PC windows damage, isn't very responsible. I appreciate you are pointing out a weakness but sometimes this knowledge is best unsaid, even if we feel pleased to be using Linux and have not suffered this blackmail attack. The lesson for all PC users, no matter what OS must be back up to an external device regularly.

  2. new amd ryzen?
    i have the ryzen 1800 and it runs great. but no matter what linux i run i cant get VM's to work. i cant find good directions on how to compile modules….
    any help would be great !

  3. Every time I see a Microsoft OS, I feel like duel booting it through a Window….. Good Video. Remember when you did this too Windows 8. Hard too believe that this still works lol

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