Download and Install Cobalt strike 3 – Kali Linux Tutorials

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Download and install cobalt strike 3 on kali linux 2.0
How to download and install the last version of cobaltstrike on kali linux 2.0 kali sana and fix problem connection refused.

#Download From :

#Check Your Java Version : java -version
Java 1.7 Work fine!

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  1. sorry but my computer can't download cobalt stirke in internet. Can you give me some .tgz file to me with e-mail plz..? my email address is ( plz sent me some .tgz file. T_T

  2. Awesome video! One note for people using CobaltStrike 3.0. Make sure to do the "./" before the teamserver command. Kali 2.0 had a teamserver command already installed and if u use that one, CobaltStrike will not run. I spent over a month trying to figure this one out. Just an FYI for fellow peeps. Awesome job as always dude!

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