Download and Install VirtualBox in Windows 8.1

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Download VirtualBox to your Windows 8.1 host computer. Verify the download using the VirtualBox provided checksum. Install VirtualBox. Verify VirtualBox operation on Windows host with Ubuntu guest machine.


  1. windows 8.1 keys : GCRJD-8NW9H-F2CDX-CCM8D-9D6T9

  2. I'm afraid to install VirtualBox because "networking feature will
    reset your network connection" and "temporarily disable internet". Could
    this mess up my internet? Sorry, noob here.

  3. simplistic yet unique. very good video being straight forward and very easy to follow. as well as explaining what things mean rather than just saying click this this and this to get here then do this. thanks for the video

  4. new to this stuff and quite confused to. Do i have to follow each step to install VB. or do i just download it and install it to my system. i want to use VB for kali Linux. I looked in the description of the video and something wih Ubuntu? i dont want that….. Help. ima newbie when it comes to this

  5. Excellent video!  My installation of VirtualBox (4.3.14) recently "broke".  Now, when I start it, I get an error with the title "Error in supR3HardenedWinVerifyPro…" The message reads "Failed to verify process integrity: kernelbase.dll:RVA range 0x10f000-0x114fff protection is 0x2, expected 0x4 (cb=0x1000)(rc=-5601)

    Any idea what might cause this error?

    I realize the hexadecimal numbers may be unique to my machine.

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