Download drivers without internet access ethernet Windows 7 8

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Hello World!
In this tutorial i will be showing you how to get access to your internet, ethernet, wifi or other drivers without internet access.
A lof of people asked me “how do i download drivers if i don’t have internet access.”

In this video i will be showing you a few methods to help resolve this problem.

Unknown Device Identifier:
Download Link :

– OR –



  1. thanks worked for me. Download Unknown Device Identifier then copie it to ur PC who needs driver and install the programm then he will give u ur Adapter ethernet Driver name Search it in ur phone or another Pc then download it and copied it to ur PC and yea work

  2. thank you for this tutorial! it was a great help. i did not even finish watching the video and started downloading the unknown device identifier. now all my unknown devices are functioning well. thumbs up to you!

  3. Okay guys here’s what I did that made this super easier than how he explained it, unfortunately it requires a hotspot on a phone. So what you do is enable your hotspot and connect it to your computer and go to the same place he went, but instead of looking for the driver name click on update driver and it’ll reinstall it again. Easy 🤷🏻‍♂️

  4. windows 10 is best optimizet and fast windows if you say its lagg slow you must have attleast 4gb ram to use it and thers many settings thatcan make it allow faster than other windows

  5. So what do you do if your Ethernet and Wireless drivers aren't installed, you also don't have a disk drive and your USB drivers are uninstalled?
    Is that the equivalent of deleting system32?

  6. Before i watch the video please reply:

    My pc's Network Adapter suddenly wont show in Device Manager, also when i open Networks Available It shows none. Does this tutorial help. oh yea my drivers got uninstalled idek how

  7. GUYS! If you built your own computer, look in the box your motherboard come in, it should have a disk with all the drivers in it!
    If you can't find the disk, go to your motherboard's website for the drivers.
    No one in the internet told me this, had to do it myself…

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