Download Sonic R PC And Make It Work On Windows 7 (Works For Vista As Well) + Fullscreen!

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Sorry For The Flashing Black Background At 0:52, Camtasia Has Some Problems Recording In Full Screen.

Link :


  1. If someone wants the game working with music ingame, you can get it in this video:
    EDIT: If you require to use DirectDraw because your computer doesn't allow Direct3D mode/crashes when you use that, you must go to the options > Graphics and press left in the black bar until "Very Far" appears. That happens because the game is hacked to have maximum draw distance, but that doesn't work in DirectDraw, so you need to disable it by doing the above.

  2. I still have a problem that show "The program encountered a problem at address 004801d9 and cannot continue, Click on OK to terminate the application" ummmm, and I'm give up to play this game now

  3. I got it to work for my windows 8 gateway laptop.
    just modify the thing you got an error for, once the window comes up, click directx8, do not notify on task change, direct input is hooked and reduce cpu load (directx1-7) then press okay and see if it works! Lemme know if you guys have probs. I'd be happy to help.

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