Download Windows 8.1 ISO for free without product key and make bootable USB

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Full article: Microsoft now lets users to download Windows 8.1 installation file to install, reinstall, or upgrade from Windows 7. So no more workarounds to get the installation files. This how-to guide will help you to download Windows 8.1 or Windows 8.1 Pro installation media using the Windows Installation Create Media Tool from Microsoft.

Use this link to download Windows 8.1 for free from Microsoft:…


  1. So I'm using a friends computer to install this onto a usb drive but there's not enough space on the PC. I've already tried cleaning it up but still no damn space. In other words I'm fucked until I find a pc to use with at least 4gb of space???
    Mine is in an infinite loop of "Diagnosing your PC" and "Attemping to Recover PC" so this is what I have to do. HELPPPPPPPP!

  2. I have downloaded the download tool from official microsoft website and I downloaded an iso file and it has got a setup ….can i simply install the setup…can anyone help please?

  3. ok nice vid! 1 question i have my usb with the media files on i am building a pc from scratch and it will have no OS when i boot it up for the first time should i have my usb in from the start and then do i launch the bios and select boot from usb first? will this install the os to my computer and when will it ask me for my product key? i would really appreciate if you got back to me!

  4. I am currently on a Mac computer, and I already made a bootable USB. Would the usb still be bootable to install Windows on a new pc that I just built that has nothing installed? Would the USB be able to install windows on the new pc?

  5. THX man i can do this on my (mac) and (windows) if u have a mac download the ISO then go to boot camp and click windows 7 or higher then put select the iso and let it be done (USB) needed then turn ur mac off and hold option key then there should be a setting EFI boot click that and complete but if you want to turn back into a mac you have to go through installsion

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