Drag and Drop in Ubuntu Linux

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Drag and Drop doesn’t work automatically in Ubuntu. You need to make some settings changes to enable drag and drop OR you can follow the tip outlined in this week’s video tip.


  1. In windows (xp) I drag let's say a (left mouse pressed) link from FF's address bar (or a web page's link) to my taskbar and wait (a short second) and everything minimizes and then I can drop it in my desktop to create a shortcut to that URL. I can do it to drop it on my Start Menu and create a link/shortcut in there as well – I can't do any on Ubuntu.
    Another thing I can't do is to drag with the right mouse button. Oh this was with Gnome/Unity and Nautilus (if relevant). Tiny/Big thing to me.

  2. Thanx, that cleared it up,,, I think the better thing to do after seeing your video and resding the response below is to open the terminal and run gksudo naultilus then open the "storage folder" that you working on, right click goto properties and set the group permissions as your username. This will give the folder and its sub folders the permissions and keep the rest of the system under permissions.

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