Dragon Nest Windows 10 vs Windows 7 Performance Test

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Dragon Nest Windows 10 vs Windows 7 Performance Test
Windows 10 Home 64-bit newest update 8/12/2015
NVIDIA 353.62 driver

Display Mode: Full-screen
Effect Quality: Low
Graphic Quality: Low
Resolution: 1920×1080
Texture Quality: High
Distance: High

00Resource00-Sunset Mod
Resource00-sshm11 (Skill Removal Mod)
0dnResource-Sunny Mod

My Specs:
CPU: I3-2120
Memory: 8GB (4GBX2) 1333
Hard Drive: WD 500GB 10000 RPM

NVIDIA ShadowPlay
MSI Afterburner
Camtasia Studio 8


  1. Hello, I have w10 and I do not know if that is the cause, but it turns out that from the loggin pantaya of DN the cursor appears but it does not move, since inside the game I notice that if I detect the mouse, but what happens is that The cursor comes out, but it does not change it, although it seems that if it moves another type of mouse but invisible, I do not know if I understood my question, regards

  2. do you guys have any struggle log into DN launcher? it keeps show me a pop up which says "can't run the launcher, E5" do you guys have any suggestion about what should i do? in the other thread i've read, i should open my IE and turn online, but in windows 10 it seems they have already deleted that function and i don't know what should i do to play DN, can anyone help me?

  3. ive got a problem for some reason on login screen like yours it doesnt show any text like user and password i can click on buttons then a box appears and another 2 buttons with no text wen i click on one of the buttons it exists. i also cant type windows aswell plz help

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