Dual Boot Linux Mint with Windows 7

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In this video I show how to Dual boot Linux Mint with your existing Windows 7 Operating system. The video includes the following.
Where to get Linux Mint
How to check the download is good.
How to burn a bootable DVD
How to install Linux Mint.
The music is a recording by me and can be downloaded for free at Soundcloud here is the Link


  1. I installed Linux Serena removing my windows 10 completely. Now if I try to remove it using Windows 7 from a USB. Windows 7 isn't booting. It is going to Linux mint. Can anyone help me removing Linux mint and install windows 7 again

  2. this tutorial also can be used in now? before this video 3 years ago

    and if i do same as the videos , my data im windows 7 safe ?:(
    because i scared , i dont have hard disk to backup data
    need your help
    thanks so much

  3. I have try this one but I used Linux Live to boot in USB. My laptop is win7 and I wanted to have linux Mint 18. I have successfully installed linux mint but after I restarted the system, it boot only only linux. There is no way to boot on my win7. Now, these messed me up. So, I decided to boot again in my win7 and delete the linux partition and restart hoping to boot with win 7 but there is another issue. I try to insert my win10 dvd and do repair, after reboot, still unable to boot with win7. So, I have no other option but to delete all partition and reinstall win7 again. I have not backed up my files as I don't have other computer now, I lost my files. My linux still in my USB and can open linux mint from it but I want to install it in my system. Now my question is, is it really impossible to create dual boot in UEFI mode with my linux when my win7 was intalled in DVD or do I have to burn linux on DVD? Thanks.

  4. I have Linux runing beside Windows and in comparison Linux is a whole lot faster!BUT; if I want to install any of my saved programes that I have required over a period of time, I keep getting "an error occured" message, there is nothing wrong with these programes. So my question is "why can't I install them"? If I cannot install these programs then it is back to windows. I tried obtaining these programes again using Firfox,  and still they fail to work.

  5. Great video. I have been reading about several methods for installing the dual boot with Windows 7 and Linux Mint. One method suggests that a swap partition needs to be added. You did not mention that in your video. Does that happen automatically with this install?

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