DUAL BOOT Ubuntu 15.04 with Windows 8.1 NEW!

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Hi everyone,
this is my new tutorial on how to dual boot the latest linux ubuntu 15.04 with Windows 8.1. I want to mention a detail here : be sure to install windows 8.1 first 🙂 if this video helped you please suscribe and hit the like button .
Please Follow the tutorial very well . I am not responsible for any wrong manupilation you do. Thanks


  1. Friend, I can do Dual Boot on two hdds installed in a notebook: one hd starting with W 8.1 and the other, a ssd, starting with W10? My goal is to work with the two separate systems, each in its hd .; Without one system interfering with the other. Thanks and congratulations for the video!

  2. hi
    what about having ubuntu and add windows 8?
    actually, I had windows and I arase it accidentally by installing ubuntu
    now I'm trying to install windows , and I can't. It's impossible
    what should I do?

  3. There's absolutely no need to do anything at all from within windows. ….The Ubuntu Live USB/DVD does all of this (partitioning etc) for you automatically. And if you prefer, it even gives you full manual control of the partitioning process.


  4. HI, after ive done all the steps when I restart the computer to install Ubuntu he's stuck on first layout, after I press "install Ubuntu" he get stucked on Ubuntu layout and doesn't proceed. What can I do to solve this? Help please

  5. I dont know what happened but i cant change between windows and ubuntu after opening my computer, in my bios menu there werent the same options as yours, the last one didnt have more than one boot option so I couldnt change anything… I hope my computer hasnt lost anything it had. Help pls.

  6. Pr0-T3ch,

    I have created a new partition on disc 0 because that is where my Windows 8.1 is installed. The disc is about 94 GB of free space. Now when i am starting up Ubuntu 15.04 everything goes wel until i come at the point 12:47 in your video. It does not show my free space like you. Am i doing something wrong here? Can you please help me.

    BTW i do have a sdb6 disc with a lot of free space and only 110 mb used, very strange.


  7. i followed the tutorial but after i installed ubuntu when i checked the partitions it had created, the root partition(sda4) appeared to be under some sort of extended partition which had the same size as the root one (i think it is called sda2)..I was wondering if this is normal or not?

  8. Hi,
    May I follow the procedure you described here to install Ubuntu 14.04 to dual boot alongside Windows 8.1? And why did you choose Ubuntu 15.04? Because Version 14.04 seem to be bigger release and is supported until 2019? What do you recommend?
    Further, is this procedure the same for laptops?

  9. after writing on my pendrive using win32..it shows disk space and used space both as zero and that reddish thing is also not there…but if i go on to check properties it shows that full disk space is used
    but shows used space 0 at the same time


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