Dual Boot UBUNTU 16.04 LTS & Windows 10 :UEFI

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Hi everyone,
Like always, when the latest version of ubuntu released I do a dual boot with the latest windows version available (windows 10 dah :p) .
So in this tutorial , I am going to show how to dual boot Ubuntu 16.04 LTS the latest version of this beautiful linux distro and windows 10 using the UEFI method. Enjoy !


  1. I am using HP Notebook – 15-ay031tu. Windows 10 is installed in my system with BIOS mode UEFI. I followed this video and boot into ubuntu 16 LTS successfully. When I try to install it, it fails on account creation screen. A message shows on screen that ubuntu has crashed. Can anyone help me that?

  2. Is it possible to install ubuntu (or else) on a computer with windows 7 & 10. Can I just make some space for ubuntu at the end of my disk and leave windows 7 and windows 10 untouched? I want to be able to have windows 7 / windows 10 and ubuntu on the same computer.

  3. Windows 10 won't boot. It shows up as a boot option in grub. I have Windows Loader not windows boot manager. Everytime I click Windows Loader it returns to the grub boot menu. Also before I did this windows said I had a legacy not UEFI. Although when I access my motherboard it says UEFI. Any ideas what I did wrong?

  4. For those who have problems booting into Ubuntu don't mess up with grub, you may actually break your system, the solution is quite easy and straight forward.

    I solved this by entering bios, enabling secure boot (this to enable the menu of UEFI file boot), then under the option "select an UEFI file as trusted for executing" enter your hard drive, select EFI/ubuntu/shimx64.efi file and give it a name (this name will appear in your boot options list), once you've selected it disable secure boot, then save changes and exit. Now re-enter your bios , this file should appear in your boot options list, move it to the top or the order that you want ubuntu to boot and save changes and exit (if you chose first place, it will boot into ubuntu by default).

    You can still boot into into windows (windows boot manager) or other devices by pressing f12 at startup (in my case using an Acer laptop, may vary for different brands and models, do proper research for your specific machine bios) this will show the boot menu, select the device you want to boot in and that's it (you have dual boot). This even works with triple boot with other distros, etc. hope it works for you.

  5. I have created my partition with 4 gb for swap and 46 gb for linux. After that in your video, you have clicked the 46 gb box (i.e. the remaining gb) and then clicked the windows boot manager option. How ever i don't have the option of windows boot manager in my tabs

  6. hi I cannot install ubuntu. I have installed it before but it stopped booting so I deleted partition and am trying again when I open Rufus it won't let me select any of the top 4 they are just blank white. I can select ubuntu as the iso img and it loads into Rufus but the start button doesn't become selectable. I changed it to uefi and disabled secure boot I don't get this i installed it before easily .

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