Dual Boot Ubuntu / Fedora / Mandriva / Debian / Mint / openSUSE / etc and Windows

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Problems installing?
I’ll show you the universal way of dual booting Linux and Windows through an easy disk partitioning tool, Gparted.

Dual booting made easy
Dual boot any linux distribution with Windows


  1. @Acefangamestudio, I know this is a very late response, but if you just use your windows 98 boot disk, or make a win98 boot CD. then issue fdisk /mbr it will get rid of the grub loader.. simple and fast..

  2. @shani55555 It really just depends on what you will be using Linux for. New people to Linux should use either Ubuntu or Linux Mint. Debian is what I personally use nowadays, although I do have Ubuntu 10.04 on a small partition. Red-Hat Package Mager (openSUSE and Fedora use it) is complete shit compared to dpkg (Debian Package Manager) so I recommend you stick with a Debian-based system. Mandriva is OK, although it's best to stay away from their non-free stuff.

  3. I have a question. When I try to install a second Linux distro on a machine that currently has a distro already installed on my computer, it seems to not allow the original distro to boot up. Why does this happen and what must I need to do to make sure that both of my distros show at the boot screen?

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