Dual Boot Windows XP and Ubuntu (easier way)

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Please read the description.

DISCLAIMER: If something goes wrong with your dual boot, it’s not my fault. If you run into problems PM me or leave a comment and I’ll try to help you.

There’s a better way to partition your drive:

Windows 7 dual boot tutorial (I cover iso burning/booting live CDs/etc):

Download links:
Ubuntu iso:
Unfortunately, imgburn, the program I used to recommend…


  1. Retarded you created a partition and your memory was divided into 2 parts one for Ubuntu and another for Windows or you do not know what you do, if you did it badly you could have damaged your pc

  2. Thank you. I wish you made more videos. If you don't have content to give.. Name a show and just make it an update to random stuff you want to talk about. Thank you for the work you have done so far.

    I just got a laptop with wins 7 and I like Ubuntu… But I want to dual boot.. Just because… Lol

  3. hi,i have problem after installing ubuntu 13.10.It is very very very slow,i;m reinstalled system 3 times and it's same.(When i mean slow it's when i click on some icon(termnal,firefox… i must wait too long to open it)what can be problem??? maybe display driver ? i have nvidia geforce fx5200

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