Dumpster Diving: Trick out your Linux Box with gently used kit

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This is a quick video about a good find while doing a bit of corporate dumpster diving. Did you know that cast-aside corporate stuff is often better than consumer grade stuff?

Today we’re going to take a look at the quad-channel, dual controller Xiotech Fiberchannel SAN. Is Xiotech even still around? No idea! Probably not! This enclosure is nice because it exposes the raw disks directly to the operating system.

Unlike more modern storage enclosures that tend to present the storage as one…


  1. I was pretty lucky ones, the company my dad works for changed their server setup and nobody else wanted anything. I got two IBM dual LGA 1366 Server, a IBM Fibre Channel Shelf (8GBs, drives are direct sas) a fibre switch and 10/15k rpm HDDs

  2. Its 2017 and Fibrechannel is still there and breathing fine. I honestly like FibreChannel more than Ethernet, it tends to be much more hassle-free and separates your SAN from your Interconnect channels which is pretty favourable in a variety of ways.

  3. The company I work for was recycling two Linksys SRW2024 24 port Gigabit switches because they were unable to get them to work. Took them home and after some research on the web I was able to hyper terminal into each of the switches with a serial cable  and reset the admin password and reassign the each IP address to my subnet and am using them in my home network. Great switches, have got the two connected together in LAG as well as two of my computers that support port teaming.

  4. I found a £15,000 video projector 1998. I asked the office's security if I could have it, no problem. I asked what was wrong and apparently it was leaking oil – ?!? Nope! No oil in it at all. The technician had lied to them that it would cost £2,000 to calibrate. I got a taxi home, let it warm up then switched it on, no problem. No manuals online, 'How do I set this up' I thought, then I noticed the 'Help' button, pressed it and the entire kitchen wall was lit up with green text saying 'Do you want to view the manual?' Yes! It got relocated to a friend's student pad where it ran an eleven foot screen for years. Win!

  5. I wonder what he did with the i5-2500s he said he found. I have one lying around and I'm really interested in doing some fun stuff like a wifi-radio service (Can't do Ethernet, mom (house owner essentially) says no :c) or some other fun stuff for storage reason and I think Linux would be awesome for that.

  6. i do dumpster dive but i disagree about fiber chanell equipment allthough it does seem to be receeding i still use them there is just no way ethernet can out perform firbre chanell. if an isp produced a modem with a rx tx fibre chanell option that had full capability theyd be getting my buisness! big time

  7. Best things i found while dumpster-diving are Pentium 4 3GHz CPU with hyper-threading in a ASROCK P4i65G board. Pretty high-end retro stuff.
    And two working CRT monitors.

  8. Gott'a appreciate anyone that dumpster dives.Been doing it since I was 5 Years old.My 25" hp2509 m dumpster dive .40$ fix My 55' Toshiba flat screen TV 55G300U dumpster dive .Rebuilt power supply fix and upgrade certain components $10 fix. My PC, Phenom II x4 955 with M4a88td rebuilt.$4.85 fix.All dumpster dive.Damn, I am already missing the shop till you drop days.) low interest. feed your hunger. Ha!This was all cost in parts.Repairs I did myself.Hours in chasing shorts and trouble shoot unknown.

  9. I've found a few nice things:
    IBM ThinkCentre (using it as a samba and print server now; needed RAM and a hard drive)
    Plasma TV (needed two capacitors replaced)
    LCD TV (also needed capacitors replaced)
    HP Pavilion (using it as a virtualization server, needed RAM, a PSU, and a new case)

    The HP Pavilion had a 1TB hard drive in it. Eventually the motherboard died (I think the PSU I had in there was faulty) so I had to replace that, but everything else worked just fine in it.

    And then a few other random things which I forget. I really need to start dumpster diving in massive major cities like Toronto though, as I assume I'd find a lot more awesome stuff.

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