Dying Light Linux Benchmark and Review (Ubuntu vs Windows)

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This video’s focus for the benchmark and review are solely on the performance and technical side of the game.

Gameplay is always dependent on each individual’s perspective and preference, thus my view on it will unlikely represent yours.

I am using the latest Nvidia drivers for both sides, which are the 349.12 drivers for Ubuntu and the 347.88 drivers for Windows.

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2. Benchmark Results 0:45
3. Review and Summary 2:14

High Settings means the following are…


  1. At this moment, performance on Linux (Ubuntu MATE 16.04 for me) is better than it used to be, but still a lot worse than on Windows 10. I have both OSs on my system (dual boot), and use Linux as my main OS, but if I want to get decent gaming performance out of my system, I have to boot back into Winblows. Kind of frustrating.

  2. This is kind of late, but I get the same results on my AMD R9 390, even though it's been out a while.

    I run 4k usually, so pushing it down to 1440p DOES help, but not by a lot. Weird stuff.

  3. GTX-680??? I get an average much better framerate (about 50 FPS average) with a GTX-660 and I7-2700k with maxed out settings on Linux. Either the game wasn't optimized well for Linux at the time, or something not wuite right with your Linux, also I've done a few things to speed my performance up.

  4. I love linux system but definitely is not for gaming. The problem with linux is the bad gpu driver optimization this due to the monolithic kernel. In windows driver are constantly optimized by the hardware producers. In linux the driver are optimized by the comunity and are inside the kernel so they are badly optimized …

  5. Your framerate seems awfully low for Ubuntu. Unfortunately I tore my dedicated Linux box down (to rebuild). I will have it back together shortly and I will be able to tell you what I did. Maybe the 680 with 2g isnt helping (but Im not sure). Also, I noticed that youre only at 3.4ghz on your cpu. Can you turn that up? Im not sure how you adjust Nvidia's card clocks but I usually do it right in a terminal. I OC'ed my memory from 1250mhz up to 1500mhz which helped immediately. Now Im really curious. I want to throw that box back together (before finishing the overhaul) just to take a look at all my settings

  6. I'm running Dying Light at much better FPS than what you got. I actually found the gameplay to be smooth.

    Fedora 21 Workstation with Gnome
    MSi Z97 Gaming 5
    i5 4690K
    MSi GTX 970 Gaming 4G
    Nvidia 346.47 (installed with the .run blob, not akmod/kmod)
    Kernel 3.19.3

    The only thing that stopped me from playing it more on Linux is because of a kernel panic while playing and because my save from Windows 8.1 kept on getting corrupted. I'm not sure if Dying Light doesn't like cross platform saves or if it was just because I was still in the prologue.

  7. Hi, wanted for help, i have a new keyboard gamer.
    The problem i can't use the ctrl l, alt, alt gr, ctrl r.
    the command xev send me this in all of those keys: keycode 50 (keysym 0xffe1, Shift_L)
    Tools like a Keyboard Layout viewer the same history Shift L
    Keyboard USB Eagle Warrior G-78 in Spanish
    Ubuntu Studio 14.04 LTS Trusty Tahr in English
    Keyboard: Generic Keyboard 105-key (Intl) PC Layout:Spanish.
    Meanwhile use OnBoard to use this keys, Jejejeje.
    Try with xkeycaps but nothing change after use xmodmap, only in onboard.
    I newbie on linux, thanks a lot for read it…

  8. The results seams to indicate that the game is very CPU locked in Linux.
    Witch is what I previously expected as my graphic card is certainly not getting pushed very hard when I play this game.
    When I just play the game without recording I do get higher FPS than you even though I have a very similar in performance card (770 in my case). I am however on LGA2011 platform.Β 

  9. I get better FPS with my rig. I am getting an average of 42 to 48 FPS, I3-4150 with 6 GB of ram and MSI GTX 760 2GB on ubuntu 14.04 1920×1080. Settings: Texture Quality: Medium, Shadow: High, Foliage: High, View Distance: 0%, Motion Blur: Off, Film Grain Off. I think view distance requires a lot of horse power on Linux.

  10. Giving them another year to fix it? I want them to get it fixed before Steam Machines officially launch. Such bad performance will only leave a bad impression for the platform.
    Β I haven't played the game on Windows so I'm not sure how much better it would run for me on Windows, but seeing this video and the huge differences b/w win and linux is quite disappointing.
    With that said, the game ran fine for me on high, and I enjoyed it greatly. I probably averaged about 40fps after the most recent patch.

  11. In my opinion, I think this is a much better style of review than the usual.
    From the graphs used til the scoring (8/10) in the end is way better.
    Simple and sweet.
    I hope we'll be seeing more of this style.


  12. i get pretty much same performance.. however when adding __GL_THREADED_OPTIMIZATION=1 %command% i will see +10FPS increase or a bit more even.. with that enabled i havent seen it going below 35 fps on max settings 1080p .. still unplayable though

  13. Thx for your test. I really appreciate that the developers released it at the same time as the windows version. But to be honest i had no problem with it if they would release it later but in better shape. After the things i read about it and saw in your video i would not buy it anyway until they fix this huge issue. I have no problem with it if games are not running as fast as their win "counterparts" like witcher 2 cuz of translation layers like eON etc. If it runs in a playable manner on my rig i really don't care, but this looks like unplayable at least for me. I hope – if time goes by – games are develop from the ground up to be portable, engines like Unreal, Unity, CryEngine are working really hard towards this and i hope game developers benefit from this in the near future so as a publisher you have not make the decision if you port your game – maybe with the help from external developers like vpltd.com (eON) – because your game is actually already cross platform from the start up.Β 

  14. How about combining the old and new format. I like the new overall stats as it give a well rounded picture of the results. But I enjoy the side by side comparison as the view can sort of judge by themselves as well.

  15. i think this format is better πŸ˜› but i also love the side by side format (maybe shorter). 2-3 min of side by side and then review and whatever πŸ˜›

    thanks for making this videos, i really enjoy watching them πŸ˜› (5-10 min/video is ok)

  16. After enough time with Dying Light, and completing the entire game, it's time for a quick benchmark and review. The video encompasses my experience and perspective on the game as a Linux Gamer in terms of performance. I'm trying a different, more compact, informative video style. Let me know what you think! #ubuntu Β  #dyinglight Β  #linuxgaming Β 

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