Dying Light The Following | Ubuntu 15.10 | Linux(Native)

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Dying Light The Following running in Ubuntu 15.10 ,Ubuntu Linux natively.

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My Computer Specifications
GPU : Nvidia GTX980 4Gb
Memory: 8Gb Ram
CPU: Intel I7 4790k…


  1. How do you start this game? I thought it was included if you have the base game already. Do you have to purchase the following dlc in the steam store? When I go to the enhanced edition in the steam store it says it's already in my library but I don't have the option to start it in the main menu or any of the sub menu's.

  2. Good Job! I miss the SLI in this game and DLC's. And my second monitor in Linux because in windows i use my internal Intel HD graphics card as a monitor and in Linux is not possible yet. Need to put HDMI cable and turn some options.
    Anyway, great DLC and great conversion to GNU/Linux.
    Thanks for the video 🙂

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