EASILY downgrade from Windows 8 to Windows 7 WITHOUT doing a clean install

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All you have to do is boot into some sort of Linux distro, rename all folders related to Windows 8, then move everything in Windows.old to the root of the same partition. Then, reboot!

Here’s a list of the files and folders I renamed:

C:PerfLogs (may be omitted, it’s just a log folder)
C:Program Files
C:Program Files (x86) (for 64-bit versions of Windows 8…


  1. In Window.old/Users/ The Desktop files are empty because all were moved to Windows 8 Users Folder as it upgrade… Now if i use your trick and hope it gets succeed then what about the files of the users.. i think it will be blank and i have restore from windows 8 users folder….

    Please let me know i do not want to take risk….

  2. Super Tip! Thanks a lot for sharing!!!

    One question, if I may ask. In doing so you are rolling back to the last state of users under Windows 7. Would it be possible to use "Windows 8 users" folder for the retrieved Windows 7 so as to maintain their current state; i.e., by not renaming Windows 8's "Users" folder and of course not moving Windows 7's Users folder.


  3. Q: Can you delete/remove the Win8 files related to the OS once this is done? The renamed ones….can they be permanently deleted without effecting the system? And will this also try to revert many things to Win7 compatibility (i.e. not just a UI revert, but a whole system revert)? Thanks

  4. Pretty neat but me I would rather do a clean install that way I don't have unwanted clutter in my C Drive but still pretty neat I have to say.

    I like Windows 8 myself I am back in Windows 7 now but the next laptop I get will have Windows 8 on it I don't see why it's hated yea there taking the look of their phone OS but Apple did this in Mountain Lion and no one hates it but I guess Windows is just the easier one to hate for some me I love me Windows 🙂

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