Easy File Associations Repair for Windows XP & Vista by Britec

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How to easy fix file associations for Windows XP & Vista by Britec
Thanks to Doug Knox & Ramesh Srinivasan for the repair files.

For XP Only

For Vista…


  1. @Britec09 I'm running windows 7 and I can't open up some files, i know how to change them, like rename them to what ever file extension I think they might open in. But it's happening a lot now, i download something & it's in an unknown file ext. rite now i'm having problems with "srt" and no matter what media player I try it in it won't work. is there a program I can get that will fix this?

  2. omg thank you sooo much i love you for showing us this!!!!!!!!!
    i really didnt knew what to do because a friend of mine sent me bittrack i dont know why ( :P) and it messed my whole .exe files up, but now they work again :DDDD
    thank you so much again =)

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