Easy Guide to improve your AMD FX CPU Performance!

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Do you have an Intel processor? No problem! Here is how to unlock your cores on an Intel processor —

Works with all AMD FX CPU (FX 4100, 4130, 4170, 4300, 6100, 6200, 6300, 8100, 8120, 8150, 8320, 8350, and up)

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  1. I have a question. I have no ideas about computers and you seem to know your stuff. I have a AMDFX 4130 Now can i easily upgrade to a 4300 or a 6300. Or would I have to buy all new things?

  2. Wow, I'm impressed it really worked! I had terrible lags in Crysis 3 and Battlefield 3 (which is quite old game). And now, after this fix? Mmmm it works just awesome. Thanks!!!

  3. I just find the ValueMax and ValueMin once^^ If i click find next, there are just coming up files but no ValuMax and ValueMine files anymore :O Have i done it right? 😀 How can i check it? 😛

  4. Hi, Thanks for sharing with us, but I have a problem after I did this. I found the files, the first 2 were set on 64 wich I set to 0. Last one was already on 0. I turned of my pc for a few minutes after. When I booted again I did not see any differens in performens but I did not test it good. But when I look at all of my cores, when my pc is idle normaly there is almost no activety, now 1 core is constantly at almost 100% bussy doing idk wat. when I start a game it seems to slow down and is at normal speed bussy like all other cores, but when idle again that same one core is 100% bussy. first time it was core 2 , bat after reboot its now core 4, when i reboot now it stays core 4.

    I tried to reverse the proces but when I surch with you code the files cant be found any more, like they dissapeared. Wat can I do to fix or revers the proces, I hope you can help me. Gr

  5. Thanks for this. My heavily modded Skyrim runs a bit stable now. There are still very slight microstutters but a hell of improvement. Also, I recommend  two patches (KB2646060 and KB2645594) as suggested by another user. It also seem to improve CPU load and overall performance.

  6. using this, (automated using unpark cpu cores app) gave me a bit fps and more stable BF 4 gameplay but still there is a microstutters happened. I dont know why :s

  7. Dude, thanks for the vid man! Finally Arma 3 uses all my 8 cores and it runs way better now 😀
    If youre interested take a look at my channel. I make video's with my setup to let people see how games run with the AMD FX 8320 🙂

  8. I see what you meant now 100 percent under power options. Yes they were both at 100. I've tried reinstalling flash. Everything thing I can think of, I could only find 1 other case where a guy could run games but not simple flash after unpark. And i dont understand the fps drop either. By all acounts everything should be way better. I do need to play less games and more guitar that's for sure lol. Funny you'd say that I've been thinking it, universal conformation I guess.

  9. I did this but saw a drop in fps. Also if I have my processor Oc'd it crashes when I open a video on any browser. Games run and it dosent crash just flash videos. I lost about 10fps on arma 3. I have the hot fixes also. If I unclock and load default setting in bios it dosent crash with videos. I have an amd 8100 that was over locked stable at 4.2ghz for almost a year now. Any ideas what's going wrong?

  10. What does it do exacly i can see it unparks the cores but i am afraid to overheat my CPU. I am getting on some games alot of FPS but on some games i get poor fps like 30 40. On games like BF3 i can play them on ultra with 47-80 FPS

  11. I tried this on my fx8350 (windows 8.1, gigabyte 990FX board), but it only found this code once in my registry. I edited it to 0, couldn't find another instance, quit regedit.

    I restarted my PC, cores were unparked. However, I didn't notice any FPS improvement in games, thus I wanted to undo what I did in order to save some energy. But now when I search for this code again, regedit can't find it! Please help.

  12. It's called core parking.

    I've tested it a bit earlier, and in some games it looks like it runs a bit better, true or just placebo effect i don't know. One of my games seemed to have less lagspikes.

    fx8350, ati r9 270x

    Btw google for amd fx windows fix. There are 2 updates that are optionnal in windows wich are supposed to be able to handle the FX cpus better.

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