Easy Linux Tutorial: How to convert your debian stable (wheezy) to debian testing (jessie)

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This simple how-to will show you how to convert your debian stable into a debian testing. Here are the steps to the conversion:

1) Open a root terminal – Open your terminal, type in “su” and enter your password.

2) Open the apt sources in nano – Type “nano /etc/apt/sources.list”

3) Change all of the text where you see “wheezy” to either “jessie” or “testing” if you want to continue using testing after jessie is frozen and becomes the new stable.

4) Save your changes – Control+X to exit,…


  1. I just upgrade to Jessie and it work marvelously well. I had a problem in Wheezy with logitech c310 webcam that froze Gnome and , there was no sound with HDMI output… but these problems are all gone with Jessie. I also changed my mind to upgrade to LMDE. CHEERS!!!

  2. I'm doing this now. But I'm putting Debian 6 on a USB just in case my system breaks (that's right, my fallback is a downgrade). I've never had a good upgrade on any distro. As soon as VirtualBox verifies the integrity of my USB, I'm going to apt-get upgrade

  3. Is this a good practice and/or workaround? I use Debian 7.2 as my main OS for production alongside with Archlinux and i don't want my system get screwed. I say this because there are vast blogs saying that the best way to install Testing is from scratch. Thanks in advance.

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