EASY WiFi Cracking Tutorial for Beginners – Kali Linux

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Ever wondered how to crack a WiFi password?? With this video I have made it easy as I can. No crazy linux commands to type in. Just a few steps to prepare your computer and leaves your hard drive and all of its data untouched. All you need is a flash drive and a laptop. Please SUBSCRIBE. So many more tech videos to come!

All of the software is FREE!

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  1. if my computer already connect with my wifi device thn its work or not ? becoz its not😑😑 any solution what u think i forget my network ? there showing 0 target anf 0 clients found but my mobile 😂😂 show me 8 wifi network but thr said 0 😂😂 why 😢😢 i wested my time 😣

  2. Dude I've been looking for an hour straight but I cant fix a problem with the resolution. After booting kali and selecting forensic mode my monitor gives me an error that the resolution is not 1080p 60hz so not supported. It only works if I connect my very old monitor. Could this be because I chose 32bit like you instead of 64bit?

  3. Three attempts and three fails to download ISO from Kali site and it was unbelievably slow. Googled and found mirrors- used torrent and had perfect download in a few minutes. Be sure to check Kali version numbers when using mirrors.

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