EB LIVE – All Things Linux & Gaming #3 KDE Neon 0405, Fedora 28, Ubuntu Beta 2 & PCLinuxOS

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Hi all welcome to the LIVE Streams where we enjoy all things Linux & Gaming where I try to showcase the latest distros & help you game and get the best out of your Linux. In this stream is KDE Neon 0405 Release, Fedora 28, Ubuntu Beta 2 & PCLinuxOS

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a career in vanilla Euro Truck Simulator 2, our aim is total map discovery in various trucks plus Google Maps featuring Squirrel…


  1. Great to see all those diiferent distro's. They updated Neofetch, but when I start the terminal it's showing the old Peppermint logo, so I replaced it with Screenfetch, wich shows the new Peppermint logo. Have a great weekend EB.

  2. Hi EB PCLinux OS is not based on Fedora it is its own distribution and has been for a long time it is i believe forked from Mandriva but i could be wrong.
    You were over the moon seeing compiz fusion /emerald working but it has been working from day one on PCLinux OS you should try KDE version it is the best implimentation of KDE i have seen but not a fan of KDE i have the LXDE version on my spare PC.
    Catch you another time

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