[elementary 5.0 Juno] Experimental Blur, Shortcuts Help, Animated Indicators & Wingpanel New Modes!

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this terrible lag comes from an Mutter / Gala / NVIDIA / XServer regression currently on Ubuntu, that i couldn’t fix! really sorry about that!

also apart Blur and Shortcuts Help, everything else are already on Juno!

▶ my post with a short guide how to test latest elementary desktop on Ubuntu 18.04, at least till they release official images

▶ the blur API for Gala, is experimental, and it may…


  1. sorry for the bad quality! my Gala was constantly on 100% (Ubuntu issue!), and i even edited that video like that! it was a nightmare!
    i wanted to screencast more things, but not possible like this! but honestly! elementary Juno is really a fun to use desktop!

  2. I'm really starting to like Elementary's policy for minimal customisation. It's really wise. Sometimes you just switch in spend time to customize the desktop rather than getting the work done. But this ends that. 😉

  3. Yeaa, millions of effects… and PC year after year still need upgrade. It's domain of Gnome. That performance …. If u wanna make desktop for look just set wallpaper , or animated wallpaper.

    Gnome 3.26 it's still trash . Poor apps functionality, heavy, and GUI for tablets… Just compare to Plasma… Gnome 2.x > KDE 4 . Now KDE5 >

    Gnome. On my setup, memory in system on spammed tabs in Firefox + million of windows use max 3GB of ram… DE working smooth, and they porting good aps to QT , cuz QT is performance lib.

    GTK it's joke. He making things after that remove… and do this again. I like u channel but don't recommend GNOME for workspace / DE system. If u somebody like GTK go mate / xfce .

    And Have good news for users of plasma DE. Probably in 5.13 v we get app menu for GTK apps, and maybe… soon VULKAN on KWIN 🙂 . Have nice day.

    Sorry for my bad English…
    Oh and Elementary is 2x heavy that pure GNOME. Deepin working faster.

  4. Maan, i really hope linux would have single design guide. Today it really a mess with a mix of design such as gnome, elementary, deepin, qt, and traditional design… all on one desktop 😭

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