Elementary OS 0.3.2 vs Ubuntu 16.04 | Gaming Performance Benchmarks

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In this video we pit ElementaryOS 0.3.2 vs #Ubuntu 16.04 using the #opensource Mesa driver and my #AMD R7 360.

I decided to do something a little different with this benchmark and use the old Unigine Tropics demo, and a War Thunder benchmark. Under the Fglrx driver, War Thunder has major graphical issues which is why I haven’t used that benchmark in a long time.

It should surprise nobody that Ubuntu 16.04 came out ahead in this benchmark. ElementaryOS 0.3.2 is still based on Ubuntu 14.04…


  1. LOL linux mint 18.1 and elementary os 0.4 are better for games than ubuntu although ubuntu is not a distro of shit is not even bad but seriously that elementary os 0.4 and linux mint 18.1 leave behind to ubuntu even if it is not for much,also remember that elementary os 0.4 is based on ubuntu 16.04.1 lts that is why I put version 0.4 that this other version older

  2. Nice video, I like elementary os, but honestly i will prefer better as DE than a distro, can you try to bench some things like compressing video or audio if change something I have my doubts or even compile some program.

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