Emergency Security update for Windows 10 KB4056892 January 4th 2018

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This is a patch that fixes the CPU security vulnerability, it is not available to everyone


  1. appreciate your info. I use windows defender on a lenovo ideapad and had this exact problem. tried multiple times to get it to install but it won't. now at start up it takes 2x of login to get it to come up.  any thoughts on this?      update worked fine on toshiba.

  2. I am trying to download this update but it keeps on failing to install and giving me errors, and it shows up on my windows update as well. I tried the stand alone installer and it still gave me the error, and when I ran the troubleshooter it said my pc was corrupt but I just wiped and cleaned the drive yesterday so I call bs on that. So now when I go to restart my pc it goes on Windows is getting ready please don't turn off your pc and it wont stop whenever I restart my pc, my pc specs are:
    GTX 1060 SC
    AMD FX 6300
    8 GB Ram
    Windows 10 16299.125
    1 TB drive

  3. My machine downloaded this update yesterday and it messed everything because it didn't boothed after it and even after a restore point reset, nothing happened so I was forced to completely restore it loosing many software I used for years.

    Tonight the update showed again but I have now suspended any updates, I'm afraid of what could happen, what can I do? As you may notice I have almost zero knowledge about how PCs works.

  4. Update came up through a vulnerability scan through BitDefender. Downloaded and installed fine on the client, but crashed through installing during the reboot. Thankfully I wasn’t blue screened or bricked as windows rolled back the changes automatically but my god they need to fix this.

  5. You forgot to add that thanks to Window's rushed update lots of computers are getting screwed up from non functioning W-Fi cards to overheating graphics cards. I have a gaming PC with an ASUS Strix NVIDIA GTX 1060 and the AsusFanServiceEx.exe (the driver that controls the GPU's fans) crashes on startup and I am in no mood for my GPU to melt off while I play my games. GG Microsoft you fucked it up

  6. I am not seeing this update on my computer, Windows Update shows that my system is already up to date. In the Kaspersky antivirus support page, there is information that if the user has any third-party antivirus installed that is not yet compatible with this update, the update released by Microsoft would not be installed until the antivirus was made compatible with the new update. I have no antivirus installed on my computer, just Windows Defender. It appears that Windows Update is flagging some machines as incompatible due to some feature or program installed, these machines are not getting the update.

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