Enable “Activities” Hot Corner in Ubuntu 17.10

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Here’s a quick tutorial for enabling the top-left hot corner to open the Activities menu in Ubuntu 17.10.

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  1. Appreciate the quick info , rather than trolling message boards etc, though… get to the point man! Seriously though, thanks. That top panel in Gnome-Shell on 17.10 really lacks customisation, at least from the UI, is there a way to actually to remove "activities" and prevent applications from displaying up there? I'm using dash to dock, and quite frankly aside from the right-hand side where the extensions, power, network status and volume exist I don't really care for it, it's redundant and wastes a little bit of real-estate for no reason. The fact the time appear right smack in the middle just looks odd and kinda of silly. ( activities is bound to the windows key by default anyway on installation, or was for me).

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