ENABLE AERO IN WINDOWS 10 (Creators Update)

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▸Windows aero pack –
▸Password – !!da532!!
▸Red Eye –

Hey everyone, quick video here just explaining a simple trick Red Eye found on how to enable


  1. How do you disable it if I just installed?
    I only looked this up because Shadowplay wasn't working and was told I need this to make it work properly.
    It gives the file explorer this weird look that I just don't like, I uninstalled it since I don't seem to need it but still.

    Also, no, Shadowplay didn't work before you ask.

  2. Fuck you.
    Guys, this is a virus. It rendered my PC completely useless. I can't even start windows up.

    Da532, I hope you and your jew nigger family dies in cancer you worthless piece of shit.

  3. I just downloaded aero glass install from the official site. After installing it nothing happens. Now watching your video I have to install this weird shady aeroglass launcher. WTF is all this confusing shit

  4. C:UserslevenDownloadsWindows 10 Creators aero.7z: Checksum error in the encrypted file C:UserslevenDownloadsWindows 10 Creators aero.7z. Corrupt file or wrong password.

    Keep getting this error.

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