Enable/Disable Windows 8 Start Menu & Button (Win Eight Metro UI Switcher 1.2 Tutorial)

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Download the demonstrated tweaker by the link above. With its help you will be able to reactivate the old good Start menu as well as the Start button on new Microsoft’s operating system Windows 8.


The first thing you meet when beginning to explore Microsoft Windows 8, is the new immersive interface (called Metro UI). And there is a new screen that pops out every…


  1. Look: Windows Vista is of version 6.0 internally, Windows 7 == v6.1, and Windows 8 has the internal ver number six point two. So it is the old good operating system with just a new look and a couple of tweaks. 🙂

  2. I believe that is because IE has a stack of outdated technologies which they (Microsoft) have to support so far. By the way I found Metro Internet Explorer quite faster. Did you know that there are two IEs in Windows 8: regular and the Metro one?

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