Encrypt your Hard Drive in Linux

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Always encrypt your sensitive data, especially if is it stored on external hard drives or flash drives.

This video shows how to encrypt your hard drive in Linux. Using this method you can encrypt a separate partition, a whole hard drive or just your USB stick.

I personally use the most LUKS and dm-crypt encryption. I believe it is a simple and reliable way to protect your data.

BTW, If you like the theme, I showed it here

These are the commands shown in the…


  1. Welcome back, mr. ALU! 🙂
    Thank you very much for your videos, I learned alot so far. You even encuraged me to install pure Debian and build the openbox session from scratch. And I also installed Arch with ancient looking xfce with the help of your turtorial. 😀 Works like a charm. Though as a rookie I think I will stay with Mint for the time being 🙂
    Can you make something about how to keep linux system healthy and clean? Also, an introduction to bash scripting – the ALU style – would be interesting 🙂 keep up the good work and all the best from Slovenia!

  2. currently, I have windows 10 on my main pc with veracrypt. I have this because once I was almost robbed and if I had lost my pc, that would have been bad.

    my Linux laptop is currently not encrypted and that makes me feel uneasy 🙁

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