ETS2 Trucking on Lubuntu 18.04 Linux LIVE #23 (Euro Truck Simulator 2) 1.31 Public Beta

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A career in vanilla Euro Truck Simulator 2, our aim is total map discovery in various trucks plus Google Maps featuring Squirrel Companies & Trailers. Once we complete the vanilla map with no added content we will all dlc’s one by one and then all external map mods one by one. This is all made and played on Bobuntu Linux my very own distro.

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  1. Hi EB. Just some fun info. I am a commercial truck driver here in U.S. I don't know how the supply lines for the trailer are set up in europe. Here in the states you have three lines that come off the tractor. The blue line is your main air supply line for your trailer. The red line is a back up (emergency) air line for trailer brakes in case the blue line fails. The black line is your trailer lights. The couplers on the lines are called Glad-hands. =)

  2. With the new Ryzen AMD cores you wouldn't notice any diference compared with what you run at the moment, altought the core speed is a little faster with Intel, for running Euro Trucker the Ryzen would be more then you need. If you can afford it i say yes to upgrade to TI series on Nvidia card, they are by default more for gaming then anything else.

  3. Truth is when it comes to Linux I like your stance on it Steve as some of us Winblows people can muddle our way around in Linux, and some will never change for whatever reason. Like I said to you a year or so ago, do what makes you feel good dude!
    I seem to remember you mentioning that statement in one of your trucking vids, it warmed my heart man!
    Honestly I do appreciate the Arco series you did as it is good for newbs (and me) although I am not comfortable in an Arch environment as I am still learning the Linux way. (Shoutout to DistroTube for the Linux directory structure tutorial!)
    Sorry bout that one dude as I really didn't mean ta get ya off kilter.

    Don't wear out your hardware on our account as I just wanna raz ya about your lack of driving skills. 😉
    What is tea time in the UK? 3/4pm?

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