Everything New With Ubuntu 17.04

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Ubuntu 17.04 is scheduled for release on 13 April 2017. Looking at some of the new features we can expect to see, including Driverless Printing support for IPP and Apple AirPrint, no more swap partition, newer kernel


  1. !!!!_____HELP_____!!!!
    _____PLEASE ____
    i format the drive where installed ubuntu than i install windows in a new drive. after installation it's say MBR(master boot recorder) not found.
    what should i do now??
    i also tried other os to install.

  2. I'm from the future………. came back to tell you before the news breaks……..unity is dead….being dropped……. Sorry I would stick around some but have to head back into my time.

  3. I would have given 17.04 to go with my Ryzen 1700X-powered PC, but I ran into the
    "unexpected irq trap at vector 07" problem. Had to switch to Fedora 26 alpha. Besides Ubuntu 18.04 will be a Fedora ripoff.

  4. Swap files have been a thing for a loooong time on Linux, but swap partitions are still better to use. Modern systems shouldn't need very much swap anyway, unless you want to hibernate.

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