Extend Ubuntu Disk Volume with GParted after Resizing Hard Drive

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After using a Virtual Machine Manager such as Oracle’s VBoxManage in VirtualBox to resize a hard drive, the virtual machine’s hard drive partition has not increased in size This video demonstrates how to extend the primary partition of a virtual disk drive using GParted to allow an Ubuntu Desktop virtual machine guest to fully use the increased hard drive size.
To resize a virtual hard drive in VirtualBox see “VirtualBox Resize a Hard Drive” on the e-wrench channel


  1. Wow.. Awsome.
    I was on Mac, running a Ubuntu 16.04 on VirtualBox and I followed these steps:
    1) If you are on mac, you have to follow the steps 1,2, and 3 described in this link ( http://j4n.co/blog/expanding_virtualbox_on_a_mac ) using mac terminal.
    2) I downloaded gparted and added gparted iso file to VirtualBox Settings -> Storage -> (press + sign) Controller: IDE, and added the gparted iso image along with VBoxGuestAdditions.iso. When I started the machine, the grub menu came up which gave me option to boot from gparted or other sources. I selected gparted and pressed enter. A new booted window shows up having same options and appearance at the gparted window in this video. Then I followed all the steps in this tutorial and fixed the size of my vm's disk. Please note,
    3) After completing gparted operation and shutting the machine down, we have to go to same Settings->Storage screen as in this comment earlier, and remove the gparted iso and start the vm normally.

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