Extreme G2 – HD (PC Windows)

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I won’t provide any download link for this one but it’s easyly found on google.
Thus, you can download the fix for Windows XP and some notes I made here :

Nativelly runs in 640*480. Just change the shortcut to make it run in a higher resolution, like :

“C:GamesExtreme-G 2xg2pc.exe” -w1024 -h768


  1. Have you come up with any way to make the interface numbers legible?
    I've gotten things running nice and smooth, with much higher resolution and anti-aliasing… but it seems that no matter what I do those retro-digital numbers just aren't legible.

  2. I tried to find it but i got an compact version (no music, demo version?) but then when i tried to search more i found it and it was a quite different between the folder sizes of both versions, Played it with Windows XP SP2 compatibility with Voodoo 2.5 Directx ATI

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