Fast OS Switching from MacOSX, Windows XP and Ubuntu(linux)

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This is running on a Core 2 Duo MBP. 2Ghz, 2GB RAM, 120GB HD. I’m using Parallels and VirtueDesktop. For some reason vid was running choppy, I used SnapZ (I’m running 2.0.1 released back in 2004, newer version is 2.0.3) to record the video from my desktop. In reality, everything was running smooth.


  1. I guess I'm using four desktops. A program caled VirtueDesktops creates four desktops and creates a cube effect when switching from one desktop to another.

  2. Ubuntu i believe because it easy to use codec are easy to install and it free as in beer with a great community – but it my view. SUSE look great but I'm scared to try it because I am unsure about it Media Codec support. Microsoft took many ideas from SUSE and put in Vista

  3. Ah that's a tough question. I'm almost afraid to answer — I know I'll get flamed by someone no matter which I choose. Well, personally I like OS X. I've only used it for about 9 months now and I love it. I'm traditionally a Windows guy and I still use Windows (at time, more so than OS X).

  4. Yes.
    I've yet to try the newer version of Parallels. From what I read, OS X and XP will be able to interact to an extent where you can drag and drop files seamlessly from the two OS.
    You've pretty much answered that questoion, as for your last question, there are some OS that are not yet compatible with Parallels.

  5. I have a few questions on how this works maybe you can answer?
    You say this is virtualization, does this mean the computer emulates a widows-compatible environment?
    Do the different OSs have a way of communicating directly? (e.g: copying a line of text in MacOS and pasting it in windows.)
    How many OSs can be ran with this system (theoretically, obviously the computer's spec will limit this number)?
    Are the usable OSs limited to certain architectures?

  6. To clarify a few things, the only reason why the video looks a little choppy is because I am using an unregistered copy SnapZ Pro (trial version). Everytime I run it to capture any vids they seem to be very choppy, even when not doing anything CPU intensive.

  7. Well, it's not possible to play any type of 3d games on virtualization just yet. There's currently no 3D support for videocards. When running Win XP on Parallels, ram usage jumps at 1.75GB while at idle, at the same time everything still runs smoothly — so I've yet to really experience any slowdowns. Hope that helps.

  8. i have the same question as the last guy but i guess what we want to know is … how much of a performance drop is there when u just run windows in virtualization? Do windows games run like crap in virtual?

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