Fedora 24 vs Windows 10 Battery Life

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How does battery life compare between Fedora 24 and Windows 10? Our test system is a Lenovo Yoga 2 11 i3 with 4GB of ram and a 500GB SSHD. Suggested manufacturer battery life is 6 hours. What can we expect?

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  1. On my side I was able to get about 4hrs on GNOME when doing some CPU intensive tasks such as package updating but generally, I was able to get round 50% better battery on Linux as opposed to windows 10. I was running arch Linux with fewer service running (I think) when compared to Fedora

  2. In some way this comparsion is valid, many users will use their linux system that way, but I have a different aproach, I dont trust proprietary Software, and not only because of freedom issues but also because of code quality.

    While of course companies if they want can also create good code quality, because of the amounts of users linux has, they often either dont create a port at all or a extremly shitty one. And adobe flash even sucks for windows every other day they find 50 new critical security holes.

    So I would suggest you to make a 3rd testcase, try out to use either vlc or minitube (a very comfortable youtube "app") to play youtube and see if as I suspect has very big effect on battery time.

    If you would test the battery life of a android or apple phone you most likely would also use a app instead of the browser with flash plugin, I think apple did even get completly rid of that plugin?

    Yes of course its not exactly a phone (even it looks a bit like a convertable tablet), but again if you are interested to get good results under linux, you might give it a try.

    Thanks for the video btw!

  3. I'm writing this before matching the results so I'm not tainted by who won. The bad thing about stopping at 10% is that you're going both OSes will measure how much is left the same way

  4. Thank you for your video it's great to see someone doing different reviews on YouTube these days ,but I think You have to install an advanced power management like tlp in order to get better battery life in Linux then u can compare it with windows .

  5. You can throttle the cpu to 30% or lower to just enough where it is usable in windows power settings, it will run normally and your battery life will go beyond the manufactures claim. I have a macbook air mid 2011 which has windows 10 on it. The power settings limit the cpu to 30% power. My battery life went from 1 1/2 hours to 3 1/2. That macbook has horrible cooling so i also noticed that my fan speed stayed relatively quiet. I might do a video on it.

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