FINALLY! – STOP Windows 10 Upgrade – Stay on Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1 Forever

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Finally! – STOP Windows 10 Upgrade – Stay on Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1 Forever

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disable windows 10 upgrade nagware on windows 7
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how to…


  1. Windows 10 cool with wallpapers and good defend
    Windows 8 its normal
    Windows 7 sucks at wall paper makes you feel like your smell like cheese
    windows xp error error error

  2. I have pirate win 7, well stock win7, installed from "backup" copy of original DVD. installed on like 100 computers from same DVD. No activator, no loader, no hack.
    Pirated windows straight up yer face M$. Not even trying to hide it.
    It does not try to upgrade, just nags every time you start it up it is not original, not activated blah blah blah blah and having black screen background. Not such terrible tradeoff for free windows.

  3. I have used this tool to do what you have shown and it worked. I monitor my updates coming in because I don't trust microsoft with the 2664 and 5583 updates that put windows 10 startup on my computer in the first place. So after a while I hadn't seen either of these 2 appear. Then one day the 2664 update appeared which I thought wasn't supposed to happen as I did exactly what you explained in your video via another persons video I had seen before and he explained it the same as you. So now I have to hide the update every time I see it cuz it only stays hidden for a while. Is this the only way to deal with these updates reappearing? Do I need to run the GWX again?

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