Find Windows 10 Product Key

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Find Windows 10 Product Key

Once you have upgraded you’re computer to Windows 10 it will automatically connect to Microsoft’s activation server and will upgrade your existing licence to a Windows 10 version. You’re computer will need to connected to the internet for this process to be completed successfully. The Activation process is quick and easy to do and should happen in the background without any interaction from you. If you are upgrading to Windows 10 for the first time, there maybe a…


  1. i recently bought a used laptop to i reset it for a fresh experience so it downgraded from Pro to Enterprise It was not activated, there was no code in the box so i used this program it said "Cannot find code" can someone give me a hand?

  2. for once i fond something helpful i knew about nirsoft for a long time but i didn't no they had this t.y .for the heads up i really needed this to get a old paper weight collecting dust on a shelf going again spot on m8

  3. Holy crap something like this on YouTube that freaking works. Microsoft wasn’t letting me update to Windows 10 when I should’ve been eligible to do so for free. The key in the video worked. Still surprised that this wasn’t click bait.

  4. Hi, I have laptop, when the Operating System was updating, The Laptop was suddenly shutdown and it didn't open anymore. what i did was I install another OS which already use In another Computer. When I enter the product key it said that the product key was already used by another pc (which is true). And i retrieve the original product key using Command Promt. and it showed. But when i enter the original product key. It said invalid. can you help me what to do to fix this problem? because the previous OS CD was lost so I used another OS CD (which already used by other pc) to have OS.
    By the way the previous OS was Windows 10 and the new one is also Windows 10. can you advice me what to do? thanks for the feedback.

  5. I am upgrade windows 10 but it not get on PC show me choosing option but It not going to inside of that screen every time PC show me all that thing just like ( restore or startup repair options PC is not working) what should I do

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