Find Your Windows 7, 8 &10 Product Key – EASY

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This tutorial will help you find your windows product key for windows 7 windows 8 and windows 10. There is nothing to download, all you need is a simple script which we provide for you on our website. there is nothing to download on our website, you simply click the link, and the script will open in a new tab for you to copy and paste.


  1. Wait, it generate "a product key", looks like a Windows Product Key. But it is not true.
    I have a laptop with product key. I tested, and found that both are not the same( real one VS Simplehow2z).

  2. Used it on a Win 10 Machine. Activation keys have 5 groups of 6 to 7 numbers for Win 8 and up. The script only generates keys with 5 groups of 5 alpha numerics. Seems to only work for Win NT and down.

  3. your instructions helped but when I opened the icon and entered the product key, I get an error message that says it is a default key and can't be used for install

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