Firefox 54 vs Chrome 59 Benchmark On Ubuntu Linux

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Firefox 54 was released and added support for multiple content processes! This should mean that Firefox performance, especially in memory usage, will improve quite a bit.

Firefox has somewhat of a reputation for being the “older” browser with a dated rendering engine and JavaScript engine (SpiderMonkey). Its’ reputation is not undeserved as Firefox was released in the mid-2000s and quickly became the main competitor to Internet Explorer. However, the core of the Firefox browser has remained…


  1. FIRE FOX stop auto updatinf yr fucking browser my Xnotifier doesn't work any more and now Imacros Addon doesn't work FUCK YOU CUNTS i'm going back to Chrome you don't even have Duplicate Tab Fucking Useless and Slow

  2. Firefox got a new stylish theme called compact, it's available in dark and light. I tried it since it was preinstalled, and it looks really really nice.

  3. Comparing on developer tab is not fair comparision since developer bar has somethings to do special as you download the page. therefore, it does not mean firefox is much slower.

  4. But why do you convey the impression that using more memory is a bad thing? Its obviously a good thing because it speeds up your application. You cannot test an application on a 16 GB system and conclude it would use the same amount of memory on a 4 GB system. As long as there is enough memory it is a good thing to use it.

  5. One thing I noticed about this latest version of Firefox is that it takes significantly longer to start. The previous version on my system took about half a second to start, while this newest one takes about 4 seconds.

  6. Interesting comparison. Thanks.
    I used to use Chrome (Chromium) when my internet connection was slow. Chromium felt faster indeed. Now with very fast internet, I see no difference in speed. FF is a winner for me. It is light on RAM, has many great addons and Mozilla is appealing company.

  7. @Egee; have you done a video about Waterfox? I am fairly certain you have yet to do so. Comparing Firefox, Waterfox and Chrome would be a neat video. My friends and I seem to use too many plugins to reach a consensus on whether or not Waterfox is worth it?

  8. Please tell me which Ubuntu version & which KDE version are you using. Also please tell which theme you're using and how you got it to look like this?.

  9. It seems like you already had Chrome processes open in the background, Chrome has 1 main process and a process for each tab, the fact that you had 13 does not make sense. Also, you forgot that devtools in both browsers creates another process and also uses memory

  10. Nice video and thanks.
    My focus is not on memory any more since 8 to 16 gb is easily affordable. I find that cross platform, features and speed are more important to my daily usage than other factors. Security is always a problem but the difference between the two tested browsers security is arguable as far as I can see from many reviews and comments. I use windows 7 with both browsers installed and keep both up to date and I find myself using chrome most often (always?). I would love to be on Linux and will be before I'm forced to a newer version of Windows and that will improve the security situation for both browsers.

  11. Firefox's extra processes show up called "Web Content" in Linux, even at it's smallest it should have one "firefox" process and one "Web Content" process, you should check if that process was around when you were testing.

  12. It takes about 8 seconds for FF to start up, Chrome within 1 second. Linux Mint here. Memory usage on FB is just about 200 MB less than FB in Chrome. I used FF for a long time, but Chrome simply is faster on my system.

  13. Very very interesting video. I switched to Chrome some time ago, i was just afraid to do it because of the extensions, but i found out that Chrome has now a really good number of useful extensions, so it made me easier to do it. Performance seems to be better on Chrome, in my opinion.
    However, i'm also interested in YOUR opinion. Which one do you prefer?

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